Special Man
Special Man
Special Man
Special Man
Special Man
Special Man
Special Man
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Special Man

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“Unique and Special” – Made by The Herb Boutique! Our Special Man Gift Box features a whole line of natural and handmade products including a Gold Shaving Bar, Aloevera & Charcoal Face Wash, Caribbean Spice Manbar. It also includes Sundarban Honey with a wooden honey dipper and Organic Black tea Box wrapped in THB’s Wooden Gift Box with our signature “The Herb Boutique” ribbon.

Our Gift Box includes –


Wooden Gift Box with Lid

Length- 25Cm, Width- 23.5 Cm, Height-11.5Cm


Gold Shaving Soap


This luxurious gold formula not only works up lather unlike any other but also promises a smooth shaving experience.


Caribbean Spice Soap


A smooth and exotic formula with cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg extract, this soap will leave you feeling pampered yet boost your confidence with its aroma.


Aloevera and Charcoal Face Wash

An extraordinary combination of charcoal and aloe, which will intensively cleanse along with expertly nourishing your tired skin.


Organic Black Tea


A flush tea from the luscious hills of Nilgiri, Organic Black Tea will give you a much-needed kick-start to the perfect day.


Sundarban Honey

As the name suggests, this honey is procured directly from the lap of nature. The Sundarban Forest is home to exotic flora and fauna and it is from their natural habitat that we acquire this honey. It is rich in nutrients and extremely healthy. It is also the perfect choice if you are trying to improve your immunity.


Medium Wooden Honey Dipper

Made from organic wood, this honey dipper is inspired from nature. Add a style statement to your honey jar with this fine accessory.