Organic Arctic Green Tea
Organic Arctic Green Tea
Organic Arctic Green Tea
Organic Arctic Green Tea
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Organic Arctic Green Tea

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Native to China and India, this green-leaved tea is a cup of deliciousness served with a smoky aroma and a powerhouse of health benefits on the side.



APPEARANCE: Pale greenish-yellow


PALATE: Clean, robust, and smooth. Smoky green greets you with every sip you take.


NOTES:  Best Consumed in the Afternoon | Medium-Caffeine | Sugar-free



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HEALTH BENEFITS:  Packed with anti-oxidants, there is nothing a refreshing cup of Green Tea wouldn’t do for you. Apart from its aromatic flavor, it does wonders for the body. From detox, aiding weight loss, treating skin disorders, reducing cholesterol and the risk of heart diseases, this miracle tea is indeed a cup of health everyday!




INGREDIENTS:  Organic Green Tea

Our Teas are free of: Gluten | Wheat | Dairy | Soya | Nut




Cold filtered O2 Rich Water Temperature Tea Leaves Time
180 ml 80℃ -85℃ 2 tsp / 2.5 g 3 Mins



Add on:  Lemon| Drink Plain



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