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Jade Roller

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An ancient Chinese tool made of natural stone that have been incorporated in skincare rituals as far back as the 7th century. It is designed to massage the face for a cooling sensation, anti-inflammatory and lymph draining effect. Jade is considered as the stone of Eternal Youth. Metaphysically, Jade carries a healing energy that brings harmony and balance.

The healing property of the Jade stone, combined with the rolling actions.
  • Tone-up facial muscles
  • Aids absorption of skin care products
  • Minimizes fine lines and pores
  • Increases blood flow while re-energizing the skin
  • Reduces puffiness
Gently glide the facial roller 2-3 times daily for 5-10 minutes with 3-6 sweeps on each part. Using the larger roller start massaging your face and neck in an upward and outward motion starting from the neck area, moving along to your chin and cheeks. Use the smaller roller around the eye area. 


After every use, wipe your Crystal Roller gently with a soft damp cloth. Store your rollers in a dry place. Do not expose the rollers to harsh chemicals or cleaning agents as it would erode the finish and polish. Do not soak the roller in hot water.

Product is fragile, please handle with care. Dropping the tool may damage the tool and crystals. Colour will vary slightly from the picture that is listed. Due to natural formations in the crystals, each tool will be unique. 

1x Jade Roller in luxury box packaging, directions card and some potpourri.
*If allergic to potpourri let us know we will avoid adding it in your package.