F A C E R I T U A L S Glow Kit
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F A C E R I T U A L S Glow Kit

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Glow Kit is thoughtfully curated gift box to give your pretty self much needed self-care at home.The Kit is available in 4 different variants.

It is for anyone who believes in minimal skincare yet craves the coveted glow. We have for you carefully constructed, beautifully crafted, high grade ancient skincare tools. Each tool is made of authentic crystal, and infused with vibrations of healing and love. Use this kit to get yourself glowing and pamper yourself with a holistic facial anytime. May you shine inside out!!

After every use, wipe your Crystal tools gently with a soft damp cloth. Store your tools in a dry place. Do not expose the tools to harsh chemicals or cleaning agents as it would erode the finish and polish. Do not soak the roller in hot water.

Products are fragile, please handle with care. Dropping the tools may damage the tool and crystals. Colour will vary slightly from the picture that is listed. Due to natural formations in the crystals, each tool will be unique. 

1x Face Roller, 1x Gua Sha Tool in luxury box packaging, directions card, crystal information card and some potpourri.
*If allergic to potpourri let us know we will avoid adding it in your package.