Chamomile Garden Tea
Chamomile Garden Tea
Chamomile Garden Tea
Chamomile Garden Tea
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Chamomile Garden Tea

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A clever blend of flush green tea with chamomile flowers and marigold petals, the fragrance of this tea makes you feel as though you are walking through a garden in full bloom.



APPEARANCE:  Chartreuse


PALATE: Smooth and medium bodied, the taste is smoky, with Chamomile lending a floral character to the overall taste.


NOTES:  Best Consumed in the Evening | Low-Caffeine | Sugar-free


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HEALTH BENEFITS: Powered with anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, this tea provides extensive health benefits to the body and mind. Chamomile is excellent for treating skin disorders including inflammations while Marigold has antiseptic properties that keep both inflammations and bugs at bay, while also detoxifying the body, reducing cramps and pains and a perfect cup to soothe your nausea.




INGREDIENTS: Green Tea, Chamomile, Marigold

Our Teas are free of: Gluten|Wheat| Dairy| Soya| Nut




Cold filtered O2 Rich Water Temperature Tea Leaves Time
180 ml 80℃ -85℃ 2 tsp / 2.5 g 3 Mins


Add on:   Drink Plain | Honey



Finger Sandwiches | Pretzels| Barbequed Foods | Apple Pie| Dark Chocolate