A Gift of Energy & Health
A Gift of Energy & Health
Studio KRIA

A Gift of Energy & Health

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Our Luxurious Gift Box Includes –


Floral finesse Tea

In addition to the essential Green Tea and its numerous health benefits, the earthiness and airiness of Marigold and Jasmine respectively make this tea the perfect one to wake up to.


Lemon Bliss Tea

This classic blend of Lemon and Green Tea makes a perfect cup of tea. It not only tastes amazing but also helps in detoxifying your body.


Tulsi Cha

Tulsi Cha is a potpourri of flavors, which aims at combining the health benefits of tulsi leaves with the goodness of green tea.


Crimson Sunshine Tea

This expertly blended mixture of Turmeric, Mango, Pineapple and Lemongrass gives you a tangy hit to energize and liven your day.